What We Do

NZ Landcare Trust works with farmers, landowners and community groups to improve the sustainability of our land and waterways.

Sustainable land management through community involvement

How do we do this? The first step is to build good relationships based on trust and mutual respect. Our Regional and Project Coordinators understand the needs of farmers and rural communities, and work closely with them.

Events, such as field days and workshops are a great way of getting people together to share information. In many cases members of the scientific community will present the latest research and answer questions.

Another key area is funding and financial support. NZ Landcare Trust has extensive knowledge and experience applying for grants from DOC, MfE and MPI, and understand what is needed to submit a successful bid. Looking further ahead, we can also provide advice on maintaining project momentum.

Providing information and encouragement is essential, but we are also not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get out in the field. We are very proud to be a very proactive and hands-on organisation.

What is landcare?

Landcare is the term used for people taking control of their local environment. Anyone can get involved, because Landcare puts ownership of land management issues in the hands of local people, helping to build community capacity and encouraging shared solutions.

From a more formal perspective landcare can be described as communities managing land in a sustainable manner to ensure ecological, economic and social benefits for present and future generations. In practice, hundreds of farmers, landowners and community groups have adopted a landcare approach. Farm systems have been modified, trees have been planted, waterways protected, pests controlled and native species encouraged, all in an effort to increase long term sustainability.