Craig Simpson

Craig Simpson

Regional Coordinator - Otago

Mobile: 027 286 4611
Email: [email protected]

With a strong passion for the environment – and particularly all things based around water quality – Craig loves seeing tangible results from his work with the community.

Craig has “many many” years’ experience in water quality and has Master’s Degree in Water Resource Management with a focus on collaborative governance to manage water quality.

Happiest when he is wading in a stream looking for critters and fish, Craig has an appreciation for the environment and for all that it provides for us.
Working with NZ Landcare Trust allows him follow his passion on a daily basis, and make a stronger impact. He brings together his experience in water quality, with his research into collaborative governance, to help catchment and landcare groups, landowners and the wider community, understand and improve their environmental performance.

He is a great one to chat to you about water quality – just make sure you have some spare time!!

And his favourite quote?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Rita Mae Brown.