Mitigating E. coli

Mitigating E. coli

E. coli

Farmers are often held to account for the E. coli in the waterways.

In December 2019 we held a Masterclass on E. coli where we invited speakers to come and share their knowledge of E coli and mitigation strategies. With the help of Beef + Lamb NZ, we recorded and NZ Landcare Trust transcribed some of the talks.

Understanding is key to developing practical solutions to mitigate E. coli in our waterways. The talks give an overview of E. coli, use of sediment dams by farmers to filter E. coli, research showing that manuka and kanuka kill E. coli at much faster rates than pasture or other trees, examples where E. coli has been successfully reduced in catchments in both Tasman and Marlborough and outline how to start a catchment group where farmers can work together to achieve change in their catchment.

If you have data that shows how to reduce E. coli in waterways you are welcome to forward a similar document it for inclusion on this webpage.

Links for presentations videos below

1 Starting a Catchment group -
3 Maria Updated.mp4 -
4 Peterupdated.mp4 -
5 AnnettePomohaka.mp4 -
7 Trevorupdated.mp4 -

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