Farm Environment Plans (FEPs)

Farm Environment Plans (FEPs)

Do you want or need to have an FEP but don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you are required to have a farm environment plan by your local regional council? Perhaps you’ve heard having one is useful, but you don’t know where to start?

The farm environment plan is an environmental risk management tool. It helps farmers and landowners recognise on-farm environmental risks, and then sets out a programme of action to manage those risks.

There are large regional differences with some regions requiring a farm environment plan while others do not. Also, there are many different names for what, are essentially, similar things: including Whole Farm Plan, Farm Environment Plans, Sustainable Milk Plan, Land and Environment Plan. Currently Farm Environment Plans or FEPs seems to be the most used term. However, because FEPs mean different things to different people in different regions, they are not all created equal. It can be confusing!

While our Regional Coordinators at the NZ Landcare Trust do not offer a farm environment planning service, we are here to help landowners – be it large farmers or small farms – better understand and feel more confident about why farm environment planning is useful.

The NZ Landcare Trust is not promoting one FEP approach to farmers. The design of your FEP is totally dependent on the risk profile of your farm and the sub-catchment you are in.

For over a decade now, NZ Landcare Trust has supported the adoption of Whole Farm Plans. We have seen these as a valuable business tool offering comprehensive information about on-farm resources and assisting landowners to develop profitable and sustainable farm management systems – which recognise both environmental and business benefits. You can read our Whole Farm Plan fact sheet here:

So, where to from here? FEP webinar videos are here!

We hosted a series of farm environment plan lunchtime webinars in conjunction with Rural Women NZ. These are shorter webinars packed full of information. Click on a link below to watch one in your region (or watch them all!).

Hawkes Bay:
Bay of Plenty:

These webinars will help you understand the value of an FEP and what you need to get started on your own. Each has a local farmer telling their experience of going through the FEP process to answer any questions you may have.

Additional to this, you can also watch one of these series of webinars, based around GIS-mapping of your property for FEPs.

Please follow the link below to find the webinar nearest your region:

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