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Bringing communities together to foster positive changes for the future of New Zealand's land and waterways.

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NZ Landcare Trust covers most of New Zealand with their teams of regional coordinators and catchments coordinators.

We currently have coordinators in 10 regions across New Zealand working on supporting landcare groups, catchment groups, lifestylers, landowners, and farmers. We actively promote good management practices and the uptake of innovative practices, as well as the networking of community with government agencies, science organisations, industry, and iwi/hapu to further the environmental protection of our natural resources.

We work across all sectors and communities within New Zealand. It is becoming renowned and recognised that good environmental practices lead to greater productivity for both farmers and growers. Catchment groups, community environment groups and landowners are leading initiatives such as planting riparian margins, planting forest areas, assessing water quality, building stock bridges across waterways, creating silt traps and so much more.

In addition to our core programme of work, we also have a number of special projects around the country that our coordinators are dedicated to. The NZ Landcare Trust has led over 55 projects around New Zealand in the past decade. For more information on our work, our projects and our team, click through to each region on the map.

  • We help landcare and catchment groups connect with experts and find the information they need.
  • We have quality resources to help with workshops, education and more.
  • We can help you form a landcare or catchment group from the ground up.
  • We make things happen - we are committed to action on the ground.
  • We are here to ensure the land and water quality of New Zealand is improved and protected for many generations to come.
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