Regional Environment Network Sessions - video links

Regional Environment Network Sessions - video links

After a great week-long online event - the Regional Environment Network Sessions - we now have the links available below for anyone who would like to watch these:

Kaitiakitanga in Action; A Cultural Perspective

A zoom session with Elva Conroy and Dean Flavell from Makahae Marae
Join us for the opening BOP Regional Environment Network Session with our key note speakers Elva Conroy and Dean Flavell from Makahae Marae. This will also mark the 1st day of Maori Language week! Makahae Marae is located at Te Kahika Pa, just east of Te Puke. Marae Committee members, Dean Flavell and Elva Conroy, will talk about what kaitiakitanga means, in a practical sense, and their role as kaitiaki. They’ll share examples of some of their environmental projects, including the many challenges along the way.
The BOP Regional Environment Network Sessions is an annual collaboration between NZ Landcare Trust and Envirohub. The event was scheduled for 14-21 September 2020, to support and inspire environmental groups across the Bay of Plenty.
Here is the link to the video:

Maramataka in Conservation

A zoom session with Jade Kameta from Healthy Families, Rotorua
Ko Matawhaura te maunga,Ko Te Rotoiti te moana,Ko Ngāti Pikiao te IwiKo Te Arawa te wakaKo Jade Kameta ahau,Systems Innovator for Healthy Families Rotorua
“Tuia ki te rangi, tuia ki te whenua, tuia ki te moana, tuia ki te herenga tangata, ka rongo te pō ka rongo te ao”
Jade will be talking ‘Maramataka’ and how connecting with the environment can influence the physical and spiritual performance of a person.
Here is the link to the video:

Circular Economy in the Bay of Plenty

A zoom session with Glen Crowther from Sustainable Business Network
Glen Crowther has been Sustainable Business Network’s BOP Regional Manager for the past five years. He has worked for the past two decades in education, business and the community sector, and has learnt that the best way to apply sustainability principles is in the context of local communities and their needs. Glen believes that innovative businesses working closely with local communities can lead the transition to a new economic paradigm. He works with businesses and community networks in the Bay to help to facilitate that process.
Here is the link to the video: