End of Drain Treatments Systems Info Day 2018

End of Drain Treatments Systems Info Day 2018

Thank you so much for coming along to the End of Drain Treatment Systems information day on Thursday 1st November 2018. It wouldn’t have been the same without you there.

Thanks too to our wonderful presenters on the day, James, Rebecca, Andrew and David, who were happy to share their research and experience. At the bottom of this page you can download PDF versions of their talks for your interest.

Thanks to Abby and Jenny for all your support in the kitchen, and to Jenny for making the delicious scones and brownie for morning tea!

The field trip was an important part of the day, and thanks to those that braved the weather. If you missed out on the field trip, do try and talk to someone that did go, as Andrew gave an excellent, informative and enjoyable tour of Lake Kaituna. I have attached an information brochure about the two lakes – Lake Kaituna and Lake Komakorau, and a case study on the Hayes family farm, so if you couldn’t make it, you won’t feel too left out.

Thank you also to those people who managed to complete their evaluation forms and hand them into me before the end of the day. I am always keen to improve how these days are run, and for ideas for topics for the next one.

End of Drain Treatments Systems Info Day 2018

As the NZ Landcare Trust walks the talk, not just talks about it, I thought I would let you know that I took all the “rubbish” from the event home, sorted through it, composted everything that could be composted, or put in the worm bin, recycled everything that could be recycled and put three items in the rubbish for landfill – the two silver foil bits from the milk bottles, and a disintegrated rubber glove from the hall.

To the right (top) is a google maps screen shot of the first floating wetland we came to on our tour that Rebecca spoke about, and how it didn’t work so well initially, but came away over time. I have marked with a white pin the approximate place we were standing during the tour.

This next photo shows the second floating wetland we came to, as it’s really hard to appreciate the extent of the wetland when you’re at ground level, but you can see the two floating wetlands in the main sediment trap and how the water meanders through to the lake:

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