Stunning images for NZLT's new website

Stunning images for NZLT's new website

“I want to be the change that I want to see – I want to be doing something to make that difference.”

Southland farmer Edwin Mabonga wants to be part of the solution.

More than 17 years ago, Edwin and his family relocated to New Zealand from Zimbabwe, bringing with him his skills as a farmer. The lush countryside in Southland helped him to choose his new home, and that love of the land is still strong.

Dairy farmer and sharemilker by day, and avid photographer in his spare time, Edwin loves to capture the stunning scenery famous around the world for its clean, green reputation with sparkling waterways and pristine skies.
But he knows, like anywhere, that we need to care for our land and waterways – and that is why he joined a local catchment group in his area – the Mid Upper Aparima.

Stunning images for NZLT's new website

“I want to be part of the change that I want to see – I want to be doing something to make a difference. I love farming and I love the environment. The environment and farming go hand in hand,” Edwin says.
“It is about asking myself, how can I be a better farmer? What can I do that will be better for the environment? It is my way of saying thanks to New Zealand for giving me a home.”

Edwin’s stunning photography features throughout the NZ Landcare Trust’s new website, launched this week. His donation of the use of his images is very much appreciated.
“I love capturing the environment, the landscapes. There is always something different to photograph,” he says.

“The NZ Landcare Trust is a vital organisation in this space. They are teaching us new ways to farm when it comes to the environment. It is farming for the future, and they are leading the way with education and spreading the knowledge.”

“It makes you change the way you think about aspects of farming – in a good way! It is changing the way of thinking about how farming is meant to be – and making a big difference too.”
NZ Landcare Trust Communications Manager Hannah Blake says the images that Edwin had provided for use on the website helped to showcase the beauty of our country and why it is so important to work hard to preserve it.

“It is great to have someone so involved in the work we do to allow us to use his stunning images. Edwin is a really proactive member of his catchment group and it so passionate about the environment, it’s just fantastic.”

Stunning images for NZLT's new website

“Our new website allows people to see what we are doing in each region, as well as download the resources they need to get started with a catchment group, or one of our many Good Management Practices resources. We have nearly 100 resources available for download on our website and we hope people make great use of it as a huge part of what we do is ensuring we spread the knowledge of how to achieve better land and water quality through action on the ground.”

Edwin’s photography can be viewed at