NZLT opens in the Hawke's Bay

NZLT opens in the Hawke's Bay

Land and water quality have a new ambassador leading the way in the Hawke’s Bay with the appointment of Nathan Burkepile as NZ Landcare Trust’s first regional coordinator in the area.

Formerly a senior Fish & Game officer in the Bay and Northland, Nathan brings a wealth of experience with him to the role.

“I have been a Fish & Game officer for the past seven years, and also worked with a number of councils and the Department of Conservation here in New Zealand, before that I was based in the States,” he says.

NZLT opens in the Hawke's Bay

“I am truly excited to be helping NZLT start a new chapter in its successful history of sustainable land and water management. The Hawke’s Bay is definitely a region that we can make a tangible difference in and there is already a number of projects I will be involved with, as well as working with local landcare groups, local government and stakeholders.”

“It will be busy but so worth it.”

With years of experience working with the farming community, Nathan says he is looking forward to making those connections stronger – and working for NZLT gives him the right place to do that, he says.

“Working with the Trust is just the perfect place for me – I really enjoy what I do and I work really well with different groups, including farmers. I will enjoy this role.”

Outside of work, Nathan continues his passion for the outdoors with tramping and hunting his favourite pastimes.

NZ Landcare Trust CEO Dr Nick Edgar says the move into the Hawke’s Bay comes at a time when there is a lot to be done in the region.

“There are huge opportunities to partner with farmers, iwi and agencies to protect and restore the water quality in the Bay’s iconic waterways,” Nick says.

“We had such a high level of candidates to choose from and Nathan was the pick of a really great bunch of passionate people. We know there is a need so we have answered that call,” Nick says.

“We see huge value in Nathan who has worked within the fields that the Trust specialises in, including biodiversity enhancement; the intricacies of catchment management; and working with landowners and stakeholders to make it all happen. Welcome aboard Nathan!”