NZLT launches new website

NZLT launches new website

Almost 100 resources at your fingertips!

Renowned for their very popular publications and resources, NZ Landcare Trust have just launched their new website with nearly 100 resources available for download.

Whether you need to know about how to start a catchment group; the many ways that Good Management Practices can help your farm or your lifestyle block; or the Environmental Code of Practice for the Deer Industry – plus everything in between – it’s all now available on

Teachers can now download resources made for use in schools, including the very popular Hooked on Native Fish Series, while the WETMAK (Wetland Monitoring Kit) is also available in both separate modules and in full.

No matter how you look at this, gaining access to these publications and resources just got a whole lot easier, and more resources will be added to the site as demands call for them.

NZ Landcare Trust Communications Manager Hannah Blake says the Trust is renowned for its publications and their easy to read style.
“Having this new website allows us to spread these resources wider than before – while also encouraging people to download and use them on digital devices where possible to reduce paper use too.”

NZ Landcare Trust is a national organisation that focuses on effective catchment management to improve the land and water quality across the country, and is funded for its core programme of work by Ministry for the Environment. Each year the Trust also applies for and undertakes a large number of projects from contestable funding sources.

NZLT launches new website