Deer Industry News - EMCOP launched

23 July 2018

Deer Industry News - EMCOP launched

Many years of experience and hard work were unveiled at the Deer Industry Conference in May with the official launch of the Deer Industry Environmental Management Code of Practice.

DINZ Chair Ian Walker and outgoing NZDFA Chair David Morgan presided over the launch.

Ian Walker said the Deer Industry Environment Awards initiated by the late Sir Peter Elworthy in 2000 had been an important landmark.

“Those bi-annual awards are more relevant than ever today – they showcase our efforts to the public and our markets, and more importantly they showcase good management practices to other deer farmers.

“As we all know, farmers learn best from other farmers.”

The NZ Landcare Trust has been a partner and supporter of the awards from the start and the Trust’s Regional Coordinator in Canterbury, Janet Gregory, has been a judge since 2008.

He said good environmental practices began to be codified in 2004 with the first New Zealand Deer Farmers’ Landcare Manual. That document was comprehensively updated in 2012 with Janet Gregory leading the group of farmers, DINZ staff and Deer Farm Association (DFA) representatives.

Walker and Morgan thanked lead authors of the EMCOP Janet Gregory and Edmund Noonan, who were joined on the Code committee by John Somerville, Bob Kingscote, William Oliver, Tony Pearse and Lindsay Fung, representing the deer industry, and Leo Fietje, Dave Connor and Bala Tikkisetty from the regional councils.

Focus farms and Advance Parties that concentrate on environmental management, and research programmes looking at ways deer farmers can improve environmental performance, had all contributed.

“NZ Landcare Trust videos showing good deer farming environmental practices, and the Deer Fact Sheets are also highlighting environment topics,” he said.