Change brings opportunities

Change brings opportunities

NZ Landcare Trust is looking for a new Canterbury Regional Coordinator with the departure of the incumbent Janet Gregory moving on from the organisation after 16 years.

Janet spent 14 years in Southland as Regional Coordinator, which included 12 years as the Biodiversity Southland Coordinator which saw her connecting with councils, Federated Farmers, and QEII to share information and work with farmers to gain funding to protect biodiversity on private land.

Her success in this role saw her receive the Environment Southland Kaitiaki Tohu Pai - Guardian Award, in recognition of outstanding commitment to the promotion and protection of biodiversity across the Murihiku community.

In 2017, Janet moved to Canterbury to take up the role of Canterbury Regional Coordinator and South Island Team Leader. A wide knowledge of Good Management Practices combined with her work with the deer industry has resulted in many years as a judge in the Deer Farmers Environment Awards and editor of the Deer Farmers Landcare Guide, as well as the Environmental Management Code of Practice. She also enjoyed working with deer farmers and facilitated an Advance Party and Environmental Interest Group.

Janet’s passion for the environment and agriculture was combined in the Regional Coordinator role and her ability to understand farming and work with communities and stakeholders helped in the establishment of the first catchment groups in Otago and Southland.

“Working with farmers in the Pomahaka catchment was particularly rewarding, with how that work has grown and evolved into a nationally-recognised programme that has resulted in on-going improvement in water quality and land management being led by farmers,” she says.

“Catchment groups are now seen as a strong sea of change that is being replicated throughout the country and are a strong avenue for farmers to support each other while identifying actions they can undertake to improve land management and water quality,” Janet says.

Change brings opportunities

Janet’s wide network of farmers, sector groups and other stakeholders will benefit her in her new role of Extension Services Lead, South Island with the Ministry for Primary Industries.

“I am excited about the opportunities ahead and I am looking forward to continue to help farmers meet the challenges they face. I will be supporting farmer-led projects in the regions and using my knowledge and connections to help achieve that.”

Applications for the Canterbury Regional Coordinator and South Island Team Leader role will close on October 31, 2019. For more details on the role, please check out