Mountains, lowlands, lakes, rivers and estuaries do not exist in isolation, each forms part of a complex network that links together to form a broader ecosystem. While each small effort is very appreciated, greater benefits can be seen when a broader catchment approach is adopted - this is called catchment management, and this is how catchment groups are created.

Catchment groups are generally made up of people who live in the area - landowners, farmers, workers and community members - who have a common goal to achieve or maintain good land and water quality for themselves and the generations to come.

NZ Landcare Trust have been working in this field since 1996 and continue to get great results for our country's waterways, through the collaborative work with catchment groups, stakeholders, agencies and government departments - all coming together with the trust as the conduit, and overall getting the job done.

Successful catchment management comes from a combination of good management practices, strong leadership and plenty of action on the ground - if you would like some advice on starting a catchment group, contact our closest regional coordinator in your area.