FEP planning workshop for Moutere small farms

FEP planning workshop for Moutere small farms

Three great webinars, over three nights - each one at 7pm.

You will be using a simple template set up for small farms (lifestylers) along with electronic numerous resources to assist you. You will be working on your own farm plan. You can attend all or some of the sessions.

People that attend or listen later to all sessions and send in a completed plan to the Moutere Catchment Group will receive 250 riparian plants (up to maximum of 5000 plants) for planting this winter.

The sessions will be recorded as a resource and will be placed on the Moutere Catchment Webpage.

The Moutere Catchment Group is working towards getting funding for trees over the next three years. You may wish to get a group together in one location and work on your plans together while watching the presentations.

You must register for this workshop. Simply click on the link for the session you wish to register for below.

For more information contact Annette on 027 724 4445.

Register here:

Understanding of how your land affects the environment: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIpfu-grDIpH9wL6d48SpfLQN8L5JUq6i2Z

Complete a planting and plant management plan for your property along with a management plan:

Management practises to mitigate environmental issues: