Demonstration Sites Field Day - September 22

Demonstration Sites Field Day - September 22

Field Day

Tuesday 22 September 2020

Every wetland has a story and likewise every farmer has a tale to tell which is why NZ Landcare Trust are hosting a brave conversation about what managing our wetlands as farm assets looks like on 15 diversely different properties across the length and breadth of Canterbury.

The aim of this three-year project is to work with farmers and the wider community to provide advice and share knowledge about the range of benefits both natural and constructed wetlands offer the farming system, the environment and the wider community.

Site One: Ian and Sue Thornton have a QEII covenant on their braided river wetland alongside the Rangitata River. They have gained a great deal of knowledge since 2016 when they first embarked on restoring the site - ranging from weed control, ecosystems and hydrology to mahinga kai, predator control and native plantings. However, there is still a great deal to learn and nutrient management is of particular interest to Ian.

Site Two: The McKenzie wetland is a living example of Canterbury Plains dongas/dry gullies, with an eroded headland and a hapua/river-mouth lagoon butting up against beach gravels. Fenced off several years ago, this wetland shows us the impact of “coastal squeeze” on wetlands along the Canterbury Bight. Having a wetland management plan will help Angus address challenges around willow control, native planting and protecting coastal habitat.

RSVP: Angela Cushnie 027 603 3457 or [email protected]

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