Sentinel Gardens

Sentinel Gardens

A Sentinel Garden consists of a variety of host plant species that might provide early warning of invasive insect species and pathogens. The gardens are a tool to build community and industry biosecurity awareness and surveillance skills.

We all have a part to play in protecting our way of life from biosecurity threats and this is a way we can take action. Plants highly attractive to specific high-risk threats are selected for inclusion in the gardens, which are regularly monitored for signs of pests. Training on insect and pathogen identification is necessary to support the surveillance process. Additional bug traps can be added to aid monitoring and increase the likelihood of detecting the high-risk pest.

If a biosecurity threat is found, a report to MPI can be made immediately and actions can be taken to contain the risk. Two schools are now monitoring their own sentinel gardens for several unwanted bugs and Myrtle Rust. A teacher resource will be available soon to guide other schools who are keen to build their biosecurity awareness and surveillance skills.

The education resource below will guide you through how to create a sentinel garden to build biosecurity awareness and surveillance skills. For more information, contact Kiwifruit Vine Health NZ, [email protected]

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