Project Parore

Project Parore

Project Parore aims to raise awareness of the environmental issues across four catchments in the Katikati area, and subsequently community involvement in the protection and restoration of the land, waterways and harbour habitats.

Te Mania catchment has been selected as the pilot catchment for a comprehensive and integrated community-led approach to sustainable land use and environmental protection.

The project plan is based on the premise of thinking globally and acting locally: recognising that we can really only make a difference in this small patch, and also that time is required for the catchment to heal. “It’s a marathon, but we need to sprint the first bit”, as Rick Burke, farmer and Te Mania resident, is fond of saying. Engaging and supporting our local champions is a critical factor for success – the people who call Te Mania home or use its resources especially in a commercial sense are hugely important.

Project Parore

Project Vision

Te Mania catchment will be a place where people enjoy an engaged community that cares for and has a sense of pride in the environment in which they live. Landowners and residents will manage the ecosystems that provide livelihoods in a sustainable way and will collaboratively take action to restore and maintain the health and quality of the catchment’s land, water and native wildlife.


The overarching outcomes of the project are intended to be:
Improved environmental stewardship
Improved implementation of Good Management Practices on-farm
Enhanced water quality and greater, more stable biodiversity
A community ecological monitoring system in place.

The project’s goals and operational plans are also intended to serve as a blueprint for other catchments.