Pomahaka Catchment Group

Pomahaka Catchment Group

Craig is contracted by the Pomahaka Water Care Group to coordinate their project where they aim to improve water quality in the Pomahaka catchment, one of Otago’s poorest water quality catchments.

Through the Pomahaka Water Care Group (PWCG) farmers will lead the way in taking responsibility and ownership for the water quality in the catchment’s rivers and streams, and seek to improve land management throughout the catchment by influencing farmers to adopt good management practices. We will also investigate on-farm mitigation tools to address the loss of contaminants from farms, in order to meet the water quality limits and thresholds contained in the Otago Regional Plan: Water, which come into effect in 2020.

Through this project the PWCG will communicate through different mediums the results of the mitigation trials, and promote the work being done to protect and enhance water quality in the catchment. We will share the latest innovation and research to improve water quality, and we will promote a greater understanding of aquatic life and their habitat requirements, along with the cultural, social and economic benefits of protecting our rivers and streams.

This work continues on from original project work completed by NZ Landcare Trust in recent years.

Check out this video on the Waikoikoi Wetland. The wetland was created in 2017. The wetland trials are part of the Pomahaka Water Care Group’s Sustainable Farming Fund project Pomahaka Catchment Project.