Landcare Groups

Landcare Groups

NZ Landcare Trust supports landcare and environmental groups throughout the country, spreading the knowledge of what people can do to make a difference to their local areas.

Whether its weed control around wetlands and catchments; the planting of trees and plants; the creation of riparian borders around waterways; pest control in urban and rural areas; or learning what good management practices apply to the areas that people live, work and care about - the NZ Landcare Trust can arm you with knowledge for each step of the way.

We hold annual Landcare Networking Days in each of the regions we work in, as well as regular workshops and field days too.

Whether its lifestylers' and urban households, farmers, or community groups with a passion for a local area - everyone has the chance to learn what practices are best for their local environment and what they can do to play their part.

If you are interested in starting a landcare group, please contact your local regional coordinator.