Catchment Groups

Catchment Groups

NZ Landcare Trust work with catchment groups throughout the country, from the early stages of pulling together like-minded people to create the group, to supporting the groups as they grow and get work underway, and as they continue throughout the years.

One such example of our dedication to catchment Groups, is our Southland Farmer-Driven Community Catchment Groups Project, which has been growing steadily over the past few years and has already 20 catchment groups formed throughout Southland.

We support the formation of catchment groups throughout the country. For more information on how we can support, or help you form a catchment group, please visit Our People and Regions page to contact the nearest Regional Coordinator to you. We also have great resources around forming a catchment group - check out our resources section.

Catchment Groups

Community-led Catchment Groups in New Zealand

Check out our interactive National, Community-led Catchment Groups map. One of the first of its kind for New Zealand catchment groups. You can look at each region and see our coverage. This map encompasses the catchment groups NZ Landcare Trust works with and supports across Aotearoa. This map is a continual work in progress.

Map of Catchment Groups and Environmental Community Groups

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