Wetland Monitoring Hub

This 'Wetland Monitoring Hub' has been created to compliment the successful WETMAK (Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Kit). WETMAK webpge>

WETMAK is an online wetland monitoring kit, developed by NZ Landcare Trust for use by community groups. The kit was supported through a series of training days, delivered around the country. Feedback from participants highlighted aspects of the kit that would benefit from further information; hence the creation of this webpage.

Further information relating to the modules, including informative video clips can be found below.



Video clips and links to further information.

Information to shed light on the finer points of working with WETMAK



Module 1 - Creating a Management Map:


Module 2 - Photopoints: It is often said that a picture can speak a thousand words... photopoint results can be dramatic! Photographs are taken from fixed points over time, to visually record change. This is one of the easier modules but few video based tips will help make the job even more effective!


Module 3 - Wetland WOF check:


Module 4 - Mapping Wetland Vegetation:

This module was not covered in the WETMAK training days, however, during feedback it was highlighted as a module that people felt they needed further support.  We recommend getting in touch with your local Regional or District Council, or DOC office to find someone that can help with this particular module, if you don't have the expertise to do it yourself.  Please note there are many links and useful readings in the back of the module. For example:


Module 5 - Weed Survey:

  • Knowing how to use a GPS is a useful skill for this module.  Different brands of hand held GPS's have slightly different operating systems but the general principles a very similar. This information relates to the popular Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx
    Simple Guide >
    Quick start and main functions >


Module 6 Vegetation Plots details how to set up and take measurements from a Vegetation Plot. This can be quite tricky, so we thought a movie clip would help clarify the situation nicely!



Visit our YouTube Channel for more video clips from NZ Landcare Trust.