Further acknowledgements

Produced as part of CEF 023 Community Wetland Restoration, funded by the Ministry for the Environment. Peer reviewed by Dr. Bev Clarkson and Dr. Hugh Robertson. Design and Layout by Abby Davidson. Photography supplied by Monica Peters, Karen Denyer, Abby Davidson, Tongariro Natural History Society, Dr. Bev Clarkson, Melinda Dresser and Nardene Berry.

We wish to acknowledge the help and support of the National Wetland Trust during the development and field testing of the kit. We would like to thank Peter Handford and Associates, developers of FORMAK (Forest Monitoring and Assessment Kit), for the inspiration for this publication. We would also like to thank Kerry Bodmin, Rachel Griffiths, Dr. Bev Clarkson and Dr. Hugh Robertson for leading a field trial of individual modules, community members for their valuable feedback, and Chris and Brian Rance for enabling WETMAK to be trialled on their wetland restoration site.

Revised in March 2014 - inclusion of 'Module 7: Animal Pest Monitoring.' We would like to thank Craig Gillies (DOC) and John Innes (Landcare Research) for reviewing the new module.



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