Community-owned Rural Catchment Management

If you would like a free printed copy of 'Community-owned Rural Catchment Management: A Guide for Partners' please act now. Printed copies of the book are very limited. Don't worry if you miss out, the publication will remain available in digital format on our website... see bottom of this page.

The publication will benefit people with an interest in the management of catchment scale projects, offering a realistic account of the opportunities and challenges associated with engaging communities in this work.

NZ Landcare Trust has a proven track record working alongside farmers, landowners and community groups, delivering change where it really matters... on the ground. This guide shares the experience gained over 16 years of practical Landcare in New Zealand. Ours are not the only examples of successful catchment management projects, the book takes a broader perspective, examining common themes that run through a number of other successful projects.

'Communities must own an issue if we want effective, sustained change.'

Community ownership is a thread that links many of the successful projects. Gaining the trust and support of a rural community at an early stage can reduce many of the barriers often associated with delivery and provide better long term prospects for the project. Sounds great in theory but we all recognise that this is where the challenge begins. This guide will help people better understand  what works and what does not!


  1. Rural Catchment Management in New Zealand
  2. Local Ownership
  3. Being Strategic
  4. Collaborative Planning and Management
  5. Well Designed Incentives
  6. Regulation Backed by Effective Compliance
  7. Further Information

If you would like a printed copy of 'Community-owned Rural Catchment Management: A Guide for Partners' contact NZ Landcare Trust Communications Manager James Barnett. Alternatively you can simply download a digital version below.


Digital Copy

The 'Community-owned Rural Catchment Management guide is now available to download in pdf format:
Download Guide (file size 3MB) >



NZ Landcare Trust delivered the second CORCM Masterclass in Tauranga on Wednesday 15 May 2013.  The first event ran in November at the MfE offices in Wellington.

The classes are designed to build upon material presented in the book and provided an opportunity to discuss how general principles might be applied to specific situations. 

 If you are interested in attending a future master-class please let us know>  Both the book and the masterclasses form part of an awareness building programme to be delivered by the Trust with funding from the Ministry for the Environment.