Survey Summary

NZ Landcare Trust is proud of its twenty year history supporting rural communities to deliver sustainable land and water management projects in New Zealand. To mark the occasion we reveal the results of a recent national survey.

The survey was designed to increase NZ Landcare Trust's understanding of the availability and value of resources aimed at supporting water quality improvement. Results confirmed that information supporting catchment management was of primary interest to stakeholders. This suggests the Trust's current work programme is on the right track, where the target is to deliver at least one catchment specific project in each region of operation. Also publications such as 'Community-Owned Rural Catchment Management' have proved popular and provide support for the regional network of catchment projects.

Respondents to the survey believed it was important to highlight stories about farmers who have already successfully adopted sustainable farming systems. However the term 'Farm Champion' was not universally supported, with many respondents stating it was counter productive and put too much pressure on the farmers involved. While some farmers might enjoy being labelled a 'Farm Champion' many more would not.

The survey results also highlighted areas such as 'farm planning' where confusion existed over the different types of farm plan and the benefits of having one. While farm leaders valued the plans and saw them as an important resource, it appeared that many farmers did not see them as a priority.

Looking ahead the survey results suggest the Trust has a good foundation to build on, particularly continuing to develop support for community catchment management initiatives. The results also point to interesting new opportunities for the Trust to work with agri-industry and other partners, adding an independent perspective to farm based case studies and developing new resources for farmers that demystify farm planning.



A summary of the survey results is available to download here>