Waitangi River Project

After three successful years the Waitangi River Catchment: Farming for the Future project comes to an end 31 May 2015. The project’s concluding survey, completed in March 2015, suggests that there has been a positive response to the water quality and catchment management challenge. The perceived barriers such as of a lack of time and financial means are not the hurdles they were thought to be when first identified back in 2012. Indeed, there appears to be a high degree of optimism and resilience amongst catchment farmers which is demonstrated through on-farm investment in a range of farm practices... full news item>

Project Overview

'Waitangi River Catchment: Farming for the Future' was a three year project supported with funding from MfE's Community Envionment Fund. The purpose of this project was to undertake a whole-of-community catchment management initiative around Northland's Waitangi River, with three main aims. 

Firstly to improve water quality in the river and the receiving enivronment. This fits under the broad term environmental stewardship. From a practical perspective the intention is to encourage and facilitate the implementation of farm-based actions that reduce contaminant run-off from productive land to the Waitangi River Catchment and where possible increase the biodiversity values on private land.

Secondly to enhance farm and catchment-scale resilience to climate change. This will be achived by encouraging and facilitating the implementation of farm-level strategies that build resilience to climate change and the impacts of adverse weather events.

Finally to optimise production and farm profitability through the provision of expert information (in partnership with farm owners).

Although based around the Waitangi River and Bay of Islands in Northland, this approach to catchment management will be transferable to other regions of New Zealand.

For further information about this project contact NZ Landcare Trust Regional Coordinator Jon Hampson: jon.hampson@landcare.org.nz


Update Oct 2014: Collaboration Delivers Planting Event

Oromahoe School once again came to the fore as tree planters extraordinaire. In September a willing workforce of 60 students, teachers and parents descended on the shores of Lake Owhareiti to plant about 500 native plants... full news story >

Update Aug 2014: Farming for the Future

The project reached a key milestone in early August with the release of 'Farming for the Future'. This new publication highlights some of the excellent work underway on this farmer-led catchment scale project... news release > 

A digital copy of the publication is available for download from this page.

Update April 2014: Farmers Take to the Water for Talks

Two years on and the farmer-led Waitangi River Catchment project is starting to show real progress. A big part of the project is motivating and inspiring action. In April a number of farmers were invited aboard the ‘Ratanui’, operated by Darryl’s Dinner Cruises, for a cruise to Haruru Falls. Departing from Paihia Wharf the event was an opportunity to reflect on why water quality is so important and to acknowledge the achievements of the past couple of years... more>