Go With The Flow

The Go With the Flow: Northern Kaipara Harbour Project is the 'next cab off the rank' for the Reconnecting Northland programme. It comprises practical restoration combined with landowner engagement over a potential three year period, and has been devised to target specific aspects of the Reconnecting Northland strategic plan, specifically targets and goals relating to:

  • Wetland & Lakes
  • Estuaries
  • Tuna, Whitebait and Kewai
  • Valuing Nature
The 2014 riparian planting project provided a valuable first step for Reconnecting Northland in the field of catchment restoration. It afforded an opportunity to develop relationships with a variety of stakeholders, to understand where our capabilities lie and consider how these capabilities can be best directed.
Community volunteer planting is an important component that raises awareness and inspires action. However catchment management is more complex than riparian planting alone and this project seeks a more holistic approach to catchment and biodiversity restoration effort. Increasingly, catchment management and biodiversity restoration are viewed as disparate disciplines and there is an opportunity to weave these strands together.
Year one will see community relationships reinforced through workshops and field events. Riparian fencing and planting will play a major role, along with wetland restoration and investigations to identify inanga spawning habitat.
For further information contact NZ Landcare Trust Regional Coordinator Jon Hampson: