Ecological and Community Resilience

Landcare groups, private individuals and community-led environmentalism remain a driving force behind biodiversity enhancement and restoration in Northland, particularly where it occurs on private land. Moreover, new Landcare groups continue to form, and well established groups are seeking to intensify or expand their efforts.

The New Zealand Landcare Trust (NZLT) supports these on the ground efforts with much needed technical advice, assistance and encouragement. As a result Northland continues to have a strong network of Landcare groups and a high level of collaboration between regional agencies, organisations and the wider community. This is evidenced by attendance at workshops and events and through the support of regional partners in the delivery of these events.

Despite the gains made by groups and individuals, the threats to biodiversity remain constant. It is therefore imperative that these biodiversity practitioners remain resilient to the challenges ahead. The NZLT's work programme seeks to maintain this resilience and increase the capabilities of groups and individuals working on the ground.

The project will endeavour to build resilience and capacity through four core components:

1. Support and encouragement of new, fledgling and existing Landcare groups and projects.

2. Regional collaboration of biodiversity enhancement through coordination of the inter-agency Biodiversity Northland Forum.

3. Training opportunities for landowners (and Landcare groups) managing biodiversity values e.g. trapper training days and seminars.

4. Provision of information and resources for landowners and groups such as our biannual newsletter “Landcare in the North” and the Pest Control Guidelines. 



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