Kakanui Catchment Project

Landowners and residents from the Kakanui catchment have begun working with the NZ Landcare Trust to deliver the Kakanui Community Catchment Project. The project’s main focus is to improve knowledge and awareness, of the various ways to improve water quality, reduce soil erosion and increase biodiversity (aquatic life and native plants) within the catchment, which includes the main Kakanui River and tributaries such as the Waiareka and Kauru sub-catchments.

Managed by NZ Landcare Trust Regional Coordinator Janet Gregory, with assistance locally from Nicola Holmes, this three year MfE funded project seeks to raise community understanding of the factors impacting on the local environment and develop awareness of the sustainable farm management practices that ensure clean waterways and allow farmers to operate viable farm businesses into the future.

The Trust is working in partnership with North Otago Irrigation Company, Ravensdown and Beef + Lamb New Zealand, all of whom are providing financial support to the project. In addition Fonterra, DairyNZ, Department of Conservation, Fish and Game, Otago Regional and Waitaki District Councils will provide substantive 'in kind' contributions in the form of technical support, scientific advice and peer review of project outputs.

A steering committee representing the above parties plus representatives from the NOSLAM collective, Federated Farmers, the Te Runanga o Moeraki and Kakanui Ratepayers are working together on a plan of practical activities and field days to enable the community to constructively work together.

It is planned that an ecological monitoring system developed in year 1 of the project  will be  conducted over the next two summers and will provide new data on the invertebrate populations in a range of habitats within the catchment. Of particular interest is to monitor beneficial insects (such as a long legged fly and bristle flies) that will parasitise injurious pests and other bugs, for example porina moth caterpillars, responsible for lowering farm production. The monitoring system and process will be included in an on-line manual and be available in the new year.

Specific details of the project including responsibilities and deliverables can be found in the Terms of Reference document on this page.

Environmentalist first, farmer second.

NZ Landcare Trust contractor Nicloa Holmes is featured in the Autumn 2016 edition of 'Irrigation NZ News' where she talks about the importance of maintaining a healthy environment. "Farming management and practices need to support and enhance environmental health without over taxing natural resources" 

The full article 'Environmentalist first, farmer second' can be found on page 30 of Irrigation NZ News >



For more information about this project contact Nicola Holmes who is contracted by NZ Landcare Trust for project delivery:

The NZ Landcare Trust contact is South Island Team Leader Janet Gregory: