Rai-Pelorus Project

Ministry for Primary Industry elected to extend the Aorere-Rai project by another 12 months, to include the Pelorus River catchment and many waterways that discharge into the estuary at Havelock. The new 'Rai-Pelorus Catchment Project' aims to highlight the successful approach adopted by farmers in the Aorere and Rai catchments; where farmers got together and identified a series of best management practices suited to the high rainfall conditions that exist in the region. The benfits of this proactive approach can help farmers in many parts of New Zealand. The extended project will focus on:

  • Rai Pelorus project report on envoironmental impacts of intensive farming and forestry on the Rai estuary.
  • improved farm effluent management systems
  • encpurage uptake of Farm Environmental Management Plans
  • recognise the value of raiparian planting and the ecological services they provide.

More information about the project is available from Regional Coordinator Barbara Stuart:


Rural Delivery Highlight Project.

Farmers in the Rai Valley are working together to protect their waterways... if you use the TVNZ OnDemand service you can view the video report here>