Buller River Project

Together with a core group of landowners NZ Landcare Trust is delivering the Buller River Enhancement project, a practical farmer led initiative with a primary focus on increasing native bio-diversity through planting stream banks and protecting wetlands. Farmers will have the opportunity to build on their extensive farming knowledge by increasing their understanding of issues such as where to buffer and filter farm run-off to waterways. 

Managed by NZ Landcare Trust Regional Coodinator Barbara Stuart, this three year MfE funded project seeks to make practical environmental gains that will ensure the Buller’s waterways remain clean and farmers can continue to operate successful farm businesses.

How will this happen? A steering committee has been established, made up of farmers and kayakers plus representatives from the Department of Conservation, Fish & Game and Tasman Regional Council. NZ Landcare Trust recognises that farmers in remote rural communities are already very busy, so our role is to help private landowners by listening to everyone and assisting them with practical support... we encourage communities to work together to reach constructive outcomes which benefit all.

To start the project the steering committee will work to identify the best places are for plantings along the Buller River, to both enhance the visitor experience and filter farm run-off. Monitoring data from Tasman District Council can assist with targeting. This will then lead on to increasing community awareness of the project and encouraging more landowners to get involved. The Department of Conservation nursery will grow some native plants for areas that will benefit from fencing and buffering. They also want to place threatened species in suitable locations. The Kayak school students can help to plant and do follow-up weeding.

To get involved or to find out more about the project contact Barbara Stuart: