Gibbons Creek Install Complete

Hello all ‘Save NZ Fish’ campaign supporters!

Thanks to all those involved, the physical work along Gibbons Creek from the River Road culvert to the Waikato River has now been completed. 

Early morning on Monday 17 February 2016, a representative from Ngati Wairere conducted a karakia in the stream to respect ancestors who have previously inhabited the area and to also recognise the deities from whom the natural environment stems.

Then after a Health and Safety briefing, a small digger, contracted by Hamilton City Council, started placing larger boulders in the first weir, moving up-stream and placing rocks in each weir as needed.

A big thank you to the students from Hamilton Boys’ High School who came along to help fill sandbags, shift rocks, and clear a large area of weeds from the riparian margin.

Gibbons creek is home to eels, and giant and banded kokopu (two of the five whitebait species).  We hope that with more in-stream habitat, more fish such as inanga and smelt (the two key whitebait species in the Waikato River) will choose to live there.  Both the Waikato Regional Council and NIWA monitored the stream before works started, and will go back and monitor again afterwards.

Thank you to those people that could come down on Tuesday to have a look and give a hand.  Work happened much more quickly than we anticipated and it was all finished on Tuesday afternoon.  Thankfully the weather was beautiful for the two days, with rain arriving Tuesday evening.  

We couldn't have done it without the amazing staff from the contributing organisations and the in-kind contributions made: NIWA supplying geo-textile, Waikato Regional Council supplying sandbags and concrete, Hamilton City Council supplying the rock and contractor.  The knowledge and expertise among the project team was invaluable and we hope you get to check out the work at Gibbons Creek for yourselves at some stage.  The final aspect of the project will be creating and installing an interpretation panel along the creek explaining the works and why.

For more info contact NZ Landcare Trust


Latest Update: 31 March 2017

On Thursday 30th March an interpretation panel was installed at the end of Gibbons Creek, explaining about the work completed on the creek. The sign was designed conjointly by NZ Landcare Trust, Hamilton City Council and Green Frog signage. Please look out for it next time you are walking along the river.