Waikato Lakes Catchments

'Community Sustainable Land Management for Waikato Lake Catchments.'

This 3 year project (2008-2011) has now concluded. It successfully brought together a wide range of community members, agencies and industry partners with a shared objective; to improve the health of nationally significant shallow lakes and wetlands through catchment focussed sustainable land management initiatives.

Supported by the Ministry for the Environment’s Sustainable Management Fund (SMF #2246), the project targeted the farming community and used a 'bottom up' participatory approach to develop information sharing forums, such as workshops and resources on sustainable land management. The project was closely linked to an exciting range of community and agency-led initiatives which assisted landowners and farmers to reduce their environmental footprint as well as enhance regional biodiversity.

Key Project Achievements.


  • Best Management Practices booklet for enhancing water quality in the Waikato, including a series of farm based case studies... more>
  • 'Guidelines for Landowners in Peat Lake Catchments'. NZ Landcare Trust produced this publication to help farmers and landowners better understand the history, ecology and key pressures facing the lakes... more>
  • Best Management Practice Fact Sheet and the Hayes Case Study PDF downloads can be found to the right >


Practical Research:

  • Survey with major landowners adjacent to Lake Ngaroto.
  • Surveys with landowners in priority shallow lake catchments.


Workshops and Tours:

  • 'Peat Lake Powwow' attracted 48 people to discuss issues linked to managing peat lakes and engaging local communities... more>
  • Practical Farm Planning Workshop at lake Tunawhakaheke (E), Horhsam Downs... more>
  • Resource Managers Tour of Waikato Shallow Lakes, highlighted current management practice and research initiatives... more>
  • Catchment water quality Fielday at Te Pahu Farm in conjunction with Te Pahu landcare and farm discussion group... more>


 Farm and Catchment Plans:

  • Catchment Action Plan for Lake Tunawhakaheke (E)
  • Whole Farm Plans for two farms in the Lake Tunawhakaheke (E) catchment