Waikato Ecological Restoration

'Sharing Best Practice Ecological Restoration in the Waikato River Catchment' is a one year project delivered with funding from the Waikato River Cleanup Trust.

The project will focus on creating a database of all the ecological restoration projects underway within the Waikato River catchment - including the Waipa River system. NZ Landcare Trust will liaise with iwi, community groups, local government organisations, industry, research providers and central government to ensure the creation of a comprehensive resource that will help increase awareness, inform decision making and focus attention for future work.

The database will include valuable information and useful functionality - a list of ecological restoration projects will be linked to specific GIS mapping information which in turn will be backed up by individual project objectives and goals. Information will also be included on which agency or fund provided resources to undertake the restoration work. 




If you are involved in a relevant project, then NZ Landcare Trust would like to hear from you. Sue McConnochie is carrying out the initial phase, gathering information on existing ecological projects. Sue can be contacted on Sue.McConnochie@landcare.org.nz