Lake Ngaroto

Community Catchment Action Plan for Lake Ngaroto.

Update: The successful delivery of the 'Community Action Plan for Lake Ngaroto' has resulted in additional funding from the Waikato District Council Heritage Fund to help support NZ Landcare Trust with the implementation of a series of actions identified within the plan.


Waikato peat lakes are ecologically important areas and many of those that remain are becoming highly degraded. The good news is that farmers, landowners and local communities are becoming increasingly aware of the need to restore these precious resources.

A key outcome was the development of a community-led Catchment Action Plan. We built on the experience gained at Lake Tunawhakaheke in Horsham Downs, Waikato - extending the idea up to a larger scale. The Catchment Action Plan  involved District and Regional Council, recreational users, iwi and other major stakeholders and will support the existing wetland restoration and enhancement efforts.

Funded by the MfE Community Environment Fund, this three year project (2011 - 2014) has now concluded.


Catchment Action Plan

The Community Catchment Action Plan (CAP) for Lake Ngaroto has been completed and is available for download - Catchment Action Plan for Lake Ngaroto (file size 3 MB) >

Alongside CAP, we have also developed an on-line map of the catchment.  This map enables the viewer to click on the different features around the lake, such as drains and wetlands, and to read information about each feature, including finding out what recommendations have been made for the site.

This map is available online at:


Project Factsheets

Three factsheets have been published, each highlighting a key subject linked to sustainable farm management and peat lake protection.