Fish Fact Sheets

Update Nov 2015: NZ Landcare Trust's Fish Fact Sheets are now a fully bi-lingual resource, with both Te Reo and English versions of all the sheets available for download. A limited number are also available in print - email to secure a printed copy.


NZ Landcare Trust has developed a series of 6 Fish Fact Sheets. This resource focuses on New Zealand's unique freshwater fish and highlights the factors that impact on their survival:

  • Our Freshwater Fish
  • Stream Works for Fish
  • Fixing Your Stream Edges
  • Native Fish in the City
  • Native Fish on the Farm
  • Caring For Our Catchments


The first fact sheet 'Our Freshwater Fish', looks at the different native species available in New Zealand, where they live and what can be done to protect them. The second and third sheets explore the diverse habitats enjoyed by native fish and looks in more detail at what can be done to help them thrive. The final three fact sheets consider stream management in urban and rural situations as well as broader issues associated with catchment management.

Suitable for a wide audience, copies of all the fact sheets can be downloaded directly from this page.