Hooked On Native Fish

From Headwaters to Harbour; hooked on native fish. 

This one year project has now reached a conclusion. It set out to view streams from a fresh perspective, with the focus on native fish.

Containing both rural and urban components, the project successfully raised awareness of our unique native fish and helped identify what farmers and city dwellers can do to protect and enhance their local streams. 

Focussing on native fish also means caring for catchments. Streams form natural drainage systems and their condition reflects the health of the surrounding catchment. 

During the year, workshops in Whaingaroa Harbour (Raglan) and Hamilton City demonstrated practical activities which benefit streams and the surrounding land. A series of colourful and informative fact sheets have been produced as an additional useful resource for landowners, schools and the wider community. 

The project was funded by the Sustainable Management Fund with support from Whaingaroa Harbourcare, Tui 2000, Hamilton City Council, Waikato Tainui, Environment Waikato, Boffa Miskell and the Department of Conservation.

The Fish Fact Sheets were printed with the support of Environment Waikato - Environmental Initiatives Fund.