Deer Industry BMPs

The deer farming industry across New Zealand will benefit from this programme which is designed to increase adoption of best management practices. NZ Landcare Trust is delivering this three year project entitled 'Adoption of Deer Industry Environmental Best Practice' with  funding from the Ministry for Primary Industries' Sustainable Farming Fund.

This work will build upon aspects of the Deer Farmers’ Landcare Manual launched in May 2012. The focus will be on how to encourage a greater number of deer farmers to adopt the best management practices identified within the manual. This will be achieved through collaboration with industry partners and working directly with farmers. The Deer Industry Focus Farm Programme will support delivery of the project along with the establishment of new groups in areas that are beyond the reach of the programme.

The Trust will facilitate sessions on good environmental farm practices, bringing together industry and agribusiness experts on specific topics where required.


Sustainable farming practices within the deer industry will gain additional support through the release of fifteen video clips produced by NZ Landcare Trust... more >


Managing Phosphorus Losses

Presentation from AgResearch scientist Rich McDowell looks at how to control Phosphorus losses - key subject areas include soil, feriliser use, dung and effluent management...

Download> (file size 3.2MB)


For more information about this project contact NZ Landcare Trust Regional Coordinator Janet Gregory: