Kaimai Mamaku Catchments Project

This project provides NZ Landcare Trust the opportunity to work in partnership with the community and resource management agencies in the Tauranga Harbour (Bay of Plenty) and Waihou River (Waikato) catchments along the Kaimai-Mamaku Ranges. The catchment covers 250,000 ha and includes all stream catchments that flow from the Kaimai Range and northern Mamaku Plateau into the Tauranga Harbour and Waihou River, along with the northern catchments of the Otanewainuku-Otawa Range.

Sedimentation and nutrient run-off are two major issues. Current sediment inputs into the Tauranga Harbour alone are estimated by NIWA to be around 130,000 tonnes per yearThe Firth of Thames receives an estimated 150,000 tonnes of sediment per year from the Waihou River alone, which is threatening the integrity of an internationally recognised (Ramsar) wetland.

These figures demonstrate the need for measures in the catchments to reduce erosion and run off, as well as stabilise stream banks. The formation of a Kaimai Mamaku Catchments Forum will help focus effort and ensure genuine community involvement. This community theme will continue with the establishment of new Landcare groups plus further support for existing groups. NZ Landcare Trust will encourage practical 'action on the ground', where landowners are involved in the protection of existing indigenous vegetation, soil conservation and riparian planting.

The creation of a State of the Environment (SoE) Report marks a key milestone in the early stages of the project, offering a comprehensive review of the issues affecting the catchments. The findings of the report will be shared with members of the community and the many stakeholders... more information about the SoE Report>