Guides and Reports

This section contains links to useful guides, reports, project summary documents and resource kits. Many are available for download in pdf format.

Pest Control Guidelines.

New Zealands wildlife is particularly vulnerable to introduced pest animals. This is because our native plants and animals evolved over millions of years without the pressures imposed by terrestrial mammals. Updated for 2016 Pest Control Guidelines provides a wealth of information about controlling pests that present a major problem to our native species such as kiwi. A free copy of the guide is available for download from the Kiwi Coast project page>

Community Urban Restoration and Education Guide. 

This guide has been designed to share the knowledge and experience gained by NZ Landcare Trust while delivering the Volcano to Sea project. The book has been published in both print and digital formats. For further details or to download a digital version of the book simply visit the dedicated webpage> 


Willows and Alders: Best practice guidelines for Willow and Alder control for riparian restoration for the Waikato River.

If you are involved in the management of willows and alders you will be pleased to hear that NZ Landcare Trust and Waikato Raupatu River Trust have released a guide dedicated to unravelling this potentially confusing subject. This publication draws upon the experience of a range of people with a good working knowledge of Willow and Alder management, including wetland ecologists, flood management experts, Regional and District Councils, DOC, CRI scientists, industry, river users and Waikato-Tainui... more >


Waikato River Restoration: A Bi-lingual Guide.

'Waikato River Restoration: A Bi-lingual Guide' reflects on the close links Maori communities have with the Waikato River and encourages people to get involved in restoration projects by offering examples of practical solutions. It contains a series of case studies demonstrating the diversity of work underway - farmer led, research led, industry led and community led... more >


Community Owned Rural Catchment Management: A guide for partners.

Community-owned Rural Catchment Mangement: A Guide for Partners is aimed primarily at resource management professionals. It offers a realistic account of the opportunities and challenges associated with engaging communities in catchment level projects... more>


Landcare A Practical Guide.

A national landcare resource aimed at helping farmers, landowners and community groups to tackle sustainable land management issues. It contains examples of practical case studies... more ›

Aorere and Rai Project Review 2012.

Report offering a full review of the Aorere and Rai projects which concluded in June 2012. The report also documents the project approach/model for future applicability... more>


Keeping Landcare Group Volunteers Safe.

This revised version (August 2011) contains the latest information on best practice and highlights current safety issues that face Landcare Groups... more>

Managing Land for the Future.

This guide focuses on sustainable land management and biodiversity enhancement in the Kaimai Mamaku Catchments... more>

Realistic Solutions to Real Farm Problems.

Fact sheet designed by the Aorere dairy farming community; highlights key messages specific to areas of high rainfall such as the Aorere Catchment... more>

Review of the Starborough Flaxbourne Soil Conservation Group Project

In December 2011 a review of the project was published. The report set out to identify three main aspects of the project: Farmer perceptions of the main messages; farmer adoption of these messages; any barriers to uptake and adoption... more>

'Best Management Practices for Enhancing Water Quality in the Waikato'

This booklet has been designed to showcase some of the excellent work undertaken by Waikato farmers... more>

Fish Fact Sheets. 

A series of 6 Fish Fact Sheets. This new resource focuses on New Zealand's unique freshwater fish and highlights the factors that impact on their survival... more>

Turning the Tide, An Estuaries Toolkit for New Zealand Communities.

This Green Ribbon Award, Highly Recommended guide is now available in digital format. Due to the large file size it has been broken down into multiple sections... more>

'Beyond Reasonable Drought - Adapting Dryland farming to Climate Change'  

The Starborough Flaxbourne district has accelerated erosion of extremely vulnerable soils due to westerly winds and a lack of rainfall. This report outlines land management techniques that enable productive, economically viable farming... more>

Restoring the Balance

'Restoring the Balance' is a practical resource kit designed to help landowners, farmers and community groups make informed decisions about protecting and enhancing their local environment. This document was created with DOC 'Biofund' support... more>

Guidelines for Landowners in Peat Lake Catchments.

NZ Landcare Trust produced this publication to help farmers and landowners better understand the history, ecology and key pressures facing the lakes as well as identifying recognised best  farm management approaches... more>

Wetland Restoration: A Handbook for New Zealand Freshwater Systems.

This Foundation for Research Science and Technology funded project centres on bringing together a comprehensive handbook covering all major aspects on restoring freshwater wetlands in New Zealand... more>

Biodiversity Case Studies: Farmers Leading Biodiversity Enhancement in Southland.

Celebrating the success of the Biodiversity Southland Project, the booklet features 8 examples of the work undertaken by farmers and landowners to protect and enhance native flora and fauna in Southland... more>