Online resources

The internet is an ideal channel to distribute information to a broad audience. This section features a variety of online resources generated by both NZ Landcare Trust and other organisations, that may be of interest to our online visitors.

Sustainable Deer Farming: Good Practices in Canterbury

Following on from last years successful series of movie clips highlighting sustainable deer farming, NZ Landcare Trust is pleased announce a follow up series designed to provide a snapshot of the work deer farmers in Canterbury are undertaking to reduce environmental risks.





Sustainable Deer Farming: Good Practices in Hawke’s Bay

Sustainable farming practices within the deer industry will gain additional support through the release of five video clips produced by NZ Landcare Trust. The 'Best Practice on Deer Farms' series features deer farmers in Central Hawkes Bay and aims to capture examples of industry practices that are helping to improve the environment: 




Northland Pest Control Guidelines

New Zealands wildlife is particularly vulnerable to introduced pest animals. This is because our native plants and animals evolved over millions of years without the pressures imposed by terrestrial mammals. Updated for 2016 Northland Pest Control Guidelines provides a wealth of information about controlling pests that present a major problem to our native species such as kiwi. A free copy of the guide is available for download below:

Northland Pest Control Guidelines>




Catchment Management Working Together

A catchment approach to sustainable land and water management provides a great method of finding enduring solutions that will help ensure our waterways are clean and healthy. To be most effective it requires the whole community to be involved including farmers, landowners, foresters, lifestyle-block owners, recreational users and environmentalists:

Catchment Management Working Together>




WETMAK - Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Kit

WETMAK an online resource aimed at community groups working on wetland restoration projects in New Zealand. If you would like to increase your understanding of how well your wetland restoration project is progressing, then WETMAK is for you. WETMAK provides advice on useful monitoring techniques and methods of assessing the impact of your restoration work.






Land, Air, Water, Aotearoa - LAWA.

Information on the quality of all New Zealand freshwater rivers and catchments is available online to the general public. The Land, Air, Water, Aotearoa website (LAWA) displays information from more than 1100 freshwater monitoring sites located all around the country. Visitors to the site can zoom in on any one of the monitoring sites and view water quality data. 



Pest Detective

Ever seen a mystery paw print or animal dropping, wondered whose it was and whether it was a pest? The Pest Detective website was launched last year to help people in New Zealand answer such questions. The online tool enables you to narrow down the possible presence of vertebrate pest animals by searching under ‘Clues’ (typical field sign) or ‘Culprits’ (pest species).




NZ Nature Services.

Selecting native plants for landscaping, riparian planting, habitat restoration and a wide variety of specialist planting situations is becoming more popular as the benefits of our native plants are understood and appreciated. NZ Nature Services is a new online resource that provides valuable information when making decisions about which plant to use in which location:




SRARNZ NZ Lizards Conservation Toolkit.

The SRARNZ NZ Lizards Conservation Toolkit is a comprehensive resource developed for the conservation management of the lizards of New Zealand. Created by Ecogecko Consultants and project partners Auckland Council and Boffa Miskell with funding from the Biodiversity Advice Fund, the toolkit is constructed to inform people of the various management options available:




A Guide to the Freshwater Invertebrates of New Zealand.

Landcare Research have created an online resource aimed at assisting community groups involved in monitoring freshwater habitats. 'A Guide to the Freshwater Invertebrates of New Zealand' is a free to access, online facility that is very easy to use... more>






Our Environment.

Our Environment is an interactive, online service providing access to some of Landcare Research´s environmental data. Users can use interactive maps to learn about their local environment and select to view different data themes. This resource aims help increase understanding of the varied environments throughout New Zealand:




DOC Inventory and Monitoring Toolbox.

Toolbox is now available online for community groups to access. It describes standard methods for sampling populations and communities of plants and animals. Standardising data DOC collects is fundamental to establishing consistent and compatible methods to underpin monitoring from local to national levels:





Clover Root Weevil.

Clover Root Weevil website is a product of the SFF funded project designed to identify the environmental and economic impact of the pest... enter >