Project Funders

The majority of funding for NZ Landcare Trust projects comes from the following sources:

  • Sustainable Farming Fund
  • Community Environment Fund
  • DOC Biodiversity Funds
  • Waikato River Clean-up Trust



The Ministry for Primary Industries administer and finance the ‘Sustainable Farming Fund' . This fund is available to projects that support the financial, environmental and social performance of New Zealand’s farm and forestry sectors.  To find out more about availability of these funds visit the MPI website.


Ministry for the Environment's Community Environment Fund has now superseded the older Sustainable Management Fund. The Community Environment Fund (CEF) provides funding to support New Zealanders to take environmental action and ensure that:

  • partnerships (relating to practical environmental initiatives) between interested parties are supported and strengthened
  • community-based advice and educational opportunities are increased
  • awareness on environmental legislation and issues is heightened.

Each year there are two opportunities/funding rounds to submit an application to the fund. Details about this fund can be found on the MFE website.


This is a Crown fund set up through the NZ Biodiversity Strategy and administered by the Department of Conservation, and made available to enhance native biodiversity within New Zealand.

Applications are invited from private landowners and community groups for projects on private land aimed at improving or maintaining the condition of indigenous vegetation, species and habitats. Proposals involving public conservation lands which include DOC reserves, council owned land, or Crown-owned foreshore and riverbeds, will not be considered. Further information can be found on the NZ Biodiversity Strategy website.


The Waikato River Clean-up Trust administers and distributes a contestable clean-up fund to work towards the restoration and protection of the health and wellbeing of the Waikato River for present and future generations. The Waikato River Clean-up Trust has a sole Trustee, The Waikato River Authority - vision for a future where a healthy Waikato River sustains abundant life and prosperous communities who, in turn, are all restoring and protecting the  health and wellbeing of the Waikato River, and all it embraces, for generations to come. Further information about the Waikato River Authority and the Waikato River Clean-up Trust can be found on their Waikato River Authority website.