NZ Landcare Trust Regional Coordinator Alastair Cole has been busy engaging with groups and communities in the Manawatu/Whanganui region. His aim is to identify potential projects that could make a contribution to increasing the overall health of the Manawatu River...  more ›
NZ LandcareTrust has recently published a report entitled 'Review of the Starborough Flaxbourne Soil Conservation Group Project', a timely opportunity to reflect on the factors that contributed to the overall success of this project...  more ›
Registration is now open for 'Landcare in Action: National Landcare and Catchment Management Conference 2012'. We are offering an early bird discount until 1 January 2012...  more ›
NZ Landcare Trust helped organise and deliver a series of meetings in November designed to increase awareness of water quality issues in the Tasman region...  more ›
The Bay of Plenty Regional Council  has had an overwhelming response from volunteers offering to assist with the clean-up of local beaches following the grounding of the Rena on the Astrolabe... more ›
Member of Parliament for Kaikoura Colin King attended the launch of a community driven farm factsheet on 14th October at Havelock. He was joined by NZ Landcare Trust CEO Nick... more ›
The Sherry River Catchment Group got together on Wednesday 5th October for their spring event... more ›
Topics covered in this survey will include project aims, type and scope of activities underway and ecological monitoring... more ›
Member of Parliament for Kaikoura Colin King attended the launch of a community driven farm fact sheet on 14th October... more ›
In an interview this morning on Radio New Zealand's 'Nine to Noon' programme Kevin Parris from the OECD... more ›
The Sherry River Catchment Group will host a 'Spring Event' on Wednesday 5th October, to be attended by the Member of Parliament for Tasman Chris Auchinvole. The event aims to highlight a... more ›
This newly established office (12 September 2011) forms part of an exciting strategy where the Landcare concept is being introduced to new geographical areas.Regional Coordinator Alastair Cole is busy working... more ›
NZ Landcare Trust is delighted to welcome Alastair Cole to the team. Alastair took up the new post of Manawatu-Whanganui Regional Coordinator on 12 September and is responsible for developing... more ›
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) representative Kevin Parris, visited three Sherry River farms on the 27 August, accompanied by NZ Landcare Trust Regional Coordinator Barbara Stuart.Kevin's role at... more ›
Are you a ‘people person’ with a passion for landcare? NZ Landcare Trust is seeking a highly motivated person to fill the position of Canterbury Regional Coordinator & Team Leader based... more ›
'Managing Land for the Future' focuses on sustainable land management and biodiversity enhancement in the Kaimai Mamaku Catchments.The guide has been developed to help landowners and landcare/community groups apply best... more ›
A report commissioned by NZ Landcare Trust has recently been released by AgResearch... more ›
Minister of Agriculture, David Carter, launched a new fact sheet on Friday 8th July ... more ›
Minister for Agriculture David Carter will be joined by Councillors Trevor Norriss and Martine Bouillir for the official launch of a new practical farm fact sheet on 8 July at... more ›
NZ Landcare Trust is delighted to announce the start of 2 new MfE Community Environment Fund projects based in the Waikato Region. The success of previous work with communities around Waikato's wetlands... more ›
NZ Landcare Trust will host a 2 day conference starting 29 February 2012 at the Academy of Performing Arts, University of Waikato Campus, Hamilton.The event will celebrate the work of rural... more ›
NZ Landcare Trust is excited to be a key partner in Te Uri O Hau's successful application to the MfE Community Environment Fund. The project, “Community-led integrated restoration of the Kaipara... more ›
NZ Landcare Trust is supporting Rural Women New Zealand to promote aftersocks™,  warm merino blend socks, made in Canterbury.By purchasing a pair of aftersocks™ you are donating to the rebuild of our... more ›
Last night at the Parliament Buildings in Wellington, Minister for the Environment Dr. Nick Smith announced the winners of the 2011 Green Ribbon Awards where NZ Landcare Trust received the... more ›
To mark World Environment Day on Sunday, Environment Minister Nick Smith announced the finalists for the 2011 Green Ribbon Awards which honour outstanding contributions to protecting New Zealand's environment.NZ Landcare Trust is proud... more ›
NZ Landcare Trust is delighted to welcome Jon Hampson to the team. Jon took up the post of Northland Regional Coordinator on 30 May and is responsible for managing a range... more ›
 Are you a ‘people person’ with a passion for landcare?NZ Landcare Trust is seeking a highly motivated person to fill the position of Regional Coordinator in the Manawatu/Whanganui region.Regional Coordinators... more ›
Yesterday the Government announced its initial response to the Land & Water Forums report.Environment Minister Nick Smith and Agriculture Minister David Carter announced the Government is launching a new fresh... more ›
Forty eight people attended a successful Peat Lake event on Tuesday 3rd May 2011 at the Sailing Club, Bank Road, Paterangi. The aim of the powwow was to share information about Lake Ngaroto and... more ›
Aorere Catchment Group and NZ Landcare Trust jointly received an Environment Award from the Marlborough Shellfish Quality Programme at the Golden Bay Federated Farmers AGM this week. The award was... more ›
NZ Landcare Trust has been selected as the charity of choice for a donation scheme offered by Lenovo Computers. This interesting new initiative will provide an additional income that can... more ›
A highly successful Landcare Networking Field Day was held in Welcome Bay, Tauranga on Sunday 27th March. The event was organised by NZ Landcare Trust Regional Coordinator Kate Akers and... more ›
Demand for 'Landcare: A Practical Guide' continues to be strong. In response, NZ Landcare Trust has elected to reprint a further 1000 copies. This will ensure that more people get the opportunity... more ›
NZ Landcare Trust CEO Dr. Nick Edgar has invited Kellie Nichols of the Bass Coast Landcare Network in Australia to speak at a strategy development meeting in Hamilton in April.... more ›
NZ Landcare Trust is hosting a free informal event on Tuesday May 3rd at Lake Ngaroto Sailing Club from 10.00am to 1.30pm. Open to landowners, local residents, recreational users, community... more ›
Our latest Annual Report provides a great opportunity to reflect on some of the work that our Regional and Project Coordinators undertook in 2010, helping farmers, landowners and community groups take... more ›
The NZ Landcare Trust and our Kaimai Catchments Project partners are organising a free Landcare Networking Field Day aimed at Landcare and Community Groups within the Bay of Plenty area and Waihou River catchment. The event will... more ›
NZ Landcare Trust held a 'Practical Farm Planning Workshop' on the 22nd February at Heritage Valley Farms, Horsham Downs. The event aimed to give an overview of Whole Farm Plans and... more ›
The Environmental Defence Society will be holding its annual conference 1-2 June 2011 at the SKYCITY Convention Centre, Auckland.Recent developments have reinforced the urgent need for effective spatial planning of our... more ›
Environment Waikato is organising a “Landcare Networking Field Day”, in conjunction with the Waikato District Council and the Kainui Lake Management Committee, at the Horsham Downs Hall on Wednesday, the 6 April... more ›
 Are you a ‘people person’ with a passion for landcare?NZ Landcare Trust is seeking a highly motivated person to fill the position of Regional Coordinator in the Northland region. The... more ›
NZ Landcare Trust would like to announce the details for a Practical Farm Planning Workshop:  Whole Farm Management plans are excellent tools that assist with farm management and provide an integrated... more ›