Well Supported Weeding Event

(Published on 17th March 2017)

Weeding is an important part of a successful native planting programme but it often plays second fiddle to more 'news friendly' planting activities. On this occasion it was great to have employees from Ravensdown who were celebrating 40 years in business, join with students from Outward Bound on a NZ Landcare Trust organised event to release over 800 native plants from a rising tide of weeds.

The grass and weeds were removed from an area of planting that forms part of a wetland located on the Richmond and Brown dairy farm at Pelorus, at the top of the South Island. "This essential work released the plants from weeds and long grass that would otherwise have choked them," said NZ Landcare Trust Regional Coordinator Barbara Stuart.

"The wetland is positioned alongside SH6 and provides an important environmental service, by filtering farm run-off before it enters the Pelorus River."

"A beautiful little stream runs through the wetland on it's way to the river, and contains an abundance of native fish and eels," Barbara added.

The Nelson-Marlborough Ravensdown staff chose to celebrate 40 years of business in the rural community by taking part in this event. NZ Landcare Trust would like to thank all those who gave their valuable time to support this event.

Weeding is just one of the management activities that can help ensure the success of native plantings. Weeds often outcompete young native plants by restricting water and if allowed to grow, light. However once native plants become established and create 'canopy closure', most weed species can no longer survive.

NZ Landcare Trust is proud to have supported farmers, landowners and community groups for 20 years, making positive change where it matters most - on the ground.


If you would like to know more about this Pelorus weeding event contact Barbara Stuart:

  • barbara.stuart@landcare.org.nz
  • 03 545 0443





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