Trust's Work Supported by OECD's Kevin Parris

(Published on 28th September 2011)

In an interview this morning on Radio New Zealand's 'Nine to Noon' programme Kevin Parris from the OECD Trade & Agriculture Directorate commended the work of local communities and the contribution they are making to cleaning up waterways. He made specific reference to NZ Landcare Trust's Regional Coordinator Barbara Stuart and the excellent work carried out by the Sherry River community near Nelson.

The main discussion revolved around the increasing intensification of farming systems within New Zealand and the associated risks to the environment. Mr. Parris is currently preparing an OECD report investigating water pollution within OECD countries and associated policy responses, so is well placed to put NZ's position within an international context. He made it clear that on average NZ is still a clean country but while the trend in most developed countries is to reduce Nitrogen application on the land, NZ is moving in the other direction. This could have a negative impact on water quality over the next 10 years.

Mr. Parris was optimistic when speaking about community led initiatives. He recently visited the Sherry River catchment where he toured local farms and met with local farmers. Mr. Parris stated that voluntary programmes under the NZ Landcare Trust are achieving fantastic things working with farmers. 

The interview also picked up on recent comments from the Auditor General about the reluctance of some local authorities to enforce rules designed to control effluent run-off from dairy farms.

You can listen to the full radio interview that took place at 09.08am this morning on Radio New Zealand entitled 'New Zealand's Dirty Water' here>

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