Trapping for Success in the Peat Lake Catchments workshop

(Published on 9th February 2018)

Almost certainly the first World Wetland Day event on the planet occurred Friday 2nd February, with an early morning breakfast workshop on predators and peat lakes in Ohaupo. Thirty or so dedicated volunteers from a number of peat lakes across the Waikato region got together with a handful of experts from DOC, Waikato Regional Council and Auckland/Hamilton Fish and Game to share experiences and "top tips" on introduced predator control and biodiversity monitoring.

Hosted by the NZ Landcare Trust and the National Wetland Trust and sponsored by the DOC-Fonterra Living Water Partnership, the event was a valuable gathering of individuals, community groups and agencies all working towards a common goal.

A winning top tip for trappers was to try a range of baits, including "nutella", white chocolate, dried apricot and cheese to attract ship and Norway rats.  To attract mustelids (stoats, weasels and ferrets) try fresh or dehydrated rabbit.

Attendees agreed to meet again to look at forming a peat lake collective to continue sharing ideas and resources, and look at joint funding applications.  A future goal to reintroduce patake (brown teal) back to the Waipa lakes was also outlined, with a habitat assessment currently underway.

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Nardene Berry, Waikato Regional Coordinator, NZ Landcare Trust.

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Karen Denyer, Executive Officer, National Wetland Trust



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