Pomahaka Project on TV

(Published on 22nd May 2017)

Farmers working on NZ Landcare Trust's Pomahaka Catchment Project based near Tapanui in Otago will be profiled this Saturday morning on TVNZ 1's Rural Delivery programme.

The farmers have formed a community catchment group focussed on improving water quality in the Pomahaka River. The group is working with NZ Landcare Trust Regional Coordinator Craig Simpson, who has managed to bring together farmers in the 2,060 square kilometres of catchment, as well as non-farming stakeholders and town dwellers.

The catchment’s size and diversity has resulted in little community cohesion, until now. A series of meetings was called in 2013, and dairy farmer Lloyd McCall says they were very useful for sharing information and learning to appreciate other points of view. Since then, education, engagement and a shift in environmental management have combined to halt the deterioration of water quality. In fact water quality it is now beginning to improve. Lloyd says, “we want everyone to know what is in our waterways and how to improve them.” 

Viewers can see the Pomahaka coverage on Rural Delivery this Saturday morning at 7am on TVNZ 1.


Further information about the project can be found on the project webpage:

Alternatively contact NZ Landcare Trust Regional Coordinator Craig Simpson:



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