Planting prevails over deluge and a wasp!

(Published on 7th September 2017)

Heavy rain and an agitated overwintering wasp could not dampen the enthusiasm of a group of community minded volunteers who planted over 1000 native plants at a recently fenced off kahikatea stand on the Henderson's property in Rukuhia, near Hamilton.

The volunteers came from the Waikato Mobile Weedbuster Squad, and joined with staff and family members from the farm. The weather started out fine, but deteriorated during the morning, leaving everyone soaked by the end of the planting session.

A wasp overwintering in a karamu plant added additional drama to proceedings when it stung NZ Landcare Trust's Waikato Regional Coordinator Nardene Berry who organised the event.

While the sting was unexpected, especially during the winter, Nardene was fine and delighted with the day's achievements.  Nardene said, "we achieved much more than we expected at the beginning of the day, getting all the plants in was fantastic.  And I was glad it was me that was stung as I don't react badly, while we had someone in the group who was highly allergic to wasp stings!  A good reminder to keep a look out for wasps even if you're not expecting them due to the season."

"I'd also like to acknowledge the Waikato River Authority's Clean Up Fund for providing the financial support for the fencing and plants," Nardene added.

Nardene returned to the planting site a few days later with a smaller group of volunteers to put rabbit protection around those plants most vulnerable to browsing. The planting work was completed by adding flaxes along the edges to provide shelter from the wind.

This was a big effort by farm staff and volunteers, but one that will have positive outcomes for years to come.

If you would like to know more about NZ Landcare Trust's work in the Waikato region contact Nardene Berry:




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