Kiwi Coast in Transition

(Published on 6th September 2017)

The highly successful community-driven Kiwi Coast project supports the removal of thousands of animal pests every year from Northland. As a result the Northland Brown Kiwi has reversed national trends and thrives within the boundaries of the project - along with a host of other native plants and animals.

With initial funding arrangements coming to an end in October, the Kiwi Coast is preparing to transition into another phase of delivery.

NZ Landcare Trust has been delivering Kiwi Coast since it's inception in 2013. Kiwi Coast was the founding pilot project under Reconnecting Northland - a large scale, collaborative ecological restoration programme delivered through a partnership between NZ Landcare Trust and WWF-NZ.

The Northland Regional Council has long been an active supporter of Kiwi Coast and is now set to increase it's involvement. A newly-signed partnership between the Northland Regional Council and the Kiwi Coast Trust formally consolidates the strong working relationship between the pair. The five year partnership agreement will see the Council contribute $90,000 per year directly to the Kiwi Coast Trust to help secure coordination for the project and ensure the continued success of this valuable work.

NZ Landcare Trust Kiwi Coast Coordinator Ngaire Tyson says the partnership – signed at Pataua North on Monday 04 Sept – builds on more than 20 years of successful community-led kiwi recovery work and will help both parties with their mutual biodiversity and community goals.

Ngaire  says to date, 96 entities have linked into the Kiwi Coast (73 of which are community-driven landcare groups) and collectively, these groups and projects are already carrying out pest control over more than 130,000 hectares.

“Under the new partnership, Kiwi Coast will bring a cost-effective, community-driven model for connecting communities and enhancing Northland ecosystems."

“Collectively Kiwi Coast groups are already contributing more than $500,000 worth of volunteer labour annually.” Ngaire added.

NZ Landcare Trust CEO Dr Edgar said Kiwi Coast is an amazing example of how communities and agencies can work together to achieve landscape scale support for our endangered populations.

"I am proud that NZ Landcare Trust has been able to collaborate and support the Kiwi Coast Trust to achieve such a turn around in kiwi numbers in Northland," added Dr Edgar.

NZ Landcare Trust looks forward to the growing success of Kiwi Coast, and plans to continue supporting this inspiring community-based initiative.


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