Freshwater Invertebrate Guide

(Published on 10th May 2012)

Landcare Research recently launched a new resource aimed at assisting community groups involved in monitoring freshwater habitats. 'A Guide to the Freshwater Invertebrates of New Zealand' is a free to access, online facility that is very easy to use. It contains a wealth of information about aquatic invertebrates including an identification guide and species list. The resource also offers sampling tips to assist collecting invertabrates and an excellent section covering stream quality.

"If you’ve collected freshwater 'bugs' from your local stream, you’ll hopefully be able to use this site to identify them and learn about what they may reveal about their habitat." (from the Home page)

The key message is that the numbers and diversity of freshwater invertebrates can help you to better understand the water quality in your local stream. This in turn can help determin what needs to be done to improve or maintain the stream.

A Guide to the Freshwater Invertebrates of New Zealand: 

NZ Landcare Trust are actively involved with the project and have a key role helping to promote the guide. Development of the new resource was carried out by Landcare Research with funding from MfE’s Community Environment Fund. The development  was also supported in principal by a wide range of community groups, schools and local authorities, with both Auckland Council and Taranaki Regional council offering financial support to the project.


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