Fighting the weeds is such a drone

(Published on 11th December 2017)

The Top of the South has substantial weed issues; so says the Ministry for the Environment, and NZ Landcare Trust. Wilding pine and vine weeds, such as old man’s beard, and banana passion fruit vine have reached epidemic levels, they report. So, they have come together to offer Done possible solution: spraying from drones!
This Friday, 8 December at 11am, at 820 Motueka River West Bank Rd, Motueka River, there will be a RMAX helicopter drone demonstration. The two organisations are wanting the public to explore with them the potential usefulness of drone spraying, to help with the weed issues.
A new tool
There are many tools that can be used in the battle to control weeds. These range from manual control, such as cut and paste, to knapsack spraying with the use of helicopters. There are also new technologies that the organiserssay may help us cover more ground in less time, working more effectively, and help you win the battle. “Drones can be useful for weed control in areas that have poor access: cliffs, steep river banks, wetlands; or where there are scattered infestations, scattered wilding pine, and willows.” 
Major threats
Organisers comment that in many areas of our  region, there is a major threat to our bush remnants, forest, and national parks. “Along rivers, in wetlands, and in the bush areas, weeds are killing our native trees, and reducing food for birds.” “Come along, and see how it works; and let us
know if it could be useful for your project.”
Viable business?
If enough people are interested in the new technology, could it become an economic business for someone in our region? Contractors are already providing this service in the Waikato, and in Taranaki regions, promoters say.
For more information, or to car pool, contact: Annette Litherland,
NZ Landcare Trust:


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